Backup Site Indexing The Same Group Of Files Every 26 Secs.


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I have 2 Server 2003 machines with BT Sync 1.3.87 for Windows. The administrator is the owner of the BT Sync task in both machines.


Site A has many unchanged files (pictures, movies, zip files, etc...) and some files actively changed. It is a huge folder tree of 350GB that is now half uploaded to Site B using BT Sync.


Site B is a backup machine and no other task is accessing the synced folders except BT Sync. The extrange behavior happens in Site B. Every 26 seconds the backup folder is indexing the very same 160 files (aprox.) and the message "Updated file XXXXXXXX" is shown in the history tab for each of those 160. Those files are, all of them, already sinced and they haven't ever been modified. All of them are JPG pictures of a collection of thousands.


The sync of  unsynced files seems to be running fine since there are active transfer of files (none of those 160) in the Transfers tab.


Closing and running again BTSync doesn't fix the issue, even more, it seems that doing this causes the issue. Only removing the folder from My Sync tab and adding it again to reindex the whole collection again solves the issue. The described issue appears in the next reboot of the computer or the BT Sync application.


Any idea on how to avoid it?



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My first suggestion would be to run ProcessMonitor tool on your Site B, set the filter to one of these mysterious files and see if indeed no other process access them. BTSync will add a message on modified file in history when it's mtime gets changed, so even if some app "touch"-ed the file that would be enough to generate the "Updated file xxxx" message.

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Thanks RomanZ.


I have checked the details of those files. They all had the modified dates in the future. Reading the forums I learned that BT Sync can not sync files modified in the future. 


I just copied the creation date into the modified date of those files and the issue is gone forever. No more indexing cycles and eternal "Updated file" messages related to those files. 


I can understand that limitation of BT Sync, the modified datestamp is basic to keep new files, but those files should have been marked somewhere just to avoid BT Sync to re-index those files every 26 seconds. It is a waste of BW, cycle time, log file space, CPU resurces, etc... Are you planning on integrating a workaround to, at least, generate a warning to the end user about those files with corrupted date?



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