Is It Possible To Find Out (Programatically) When A Transfer Is Complete?


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Here is my scenario.


I have a desktop computer (CompA)


I have a 3TB HDD connected to Raspberry Pi ?


I want to transfer files and folders , when they are placed in the shared folder , from CompA to the HDD connected to R-Pi.

CompA(BTsync folder) --> R-Pi HDD(BTsync directory)


I then want to free up space on CompA by deleting the files from the shared folder, as soon as the sync is complete.


I don't want the files on the HDD connected to the R-Pi be deleted. 


What would be the best way to achieve this. 


is there a way to find out on the pi as to when a transfer session has completed and then , using a script move the files from the shared directory on the HDD to some other directory?


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