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I'm new to BTSync so please excuse me if this has been discussed in previous topics…


Is there any way to manage permissions on directories synced with BT, other than just filesystem permissions?


My use-case is this: I am going to be setting up a multi-node network of headless Rasberry Pi's & big RAID 1 drives, each at the home of a different member of my extended family. I want to use BT sync not just for sharing family photos etc, but essentially also as a form of distributed backup – the family archive. You get the picture – someone adds some baby photos to their node as their personal backup, and they then know that it will also be backed up to all the other nodes. I would imagine this is a pretty common application of BTsync.


The thing I'm wondering is if there is any way to sync content between nodes, but manage permissions, so that if you wanted to back up and distribute something for disaster recovery purposes, but didn't want everyone to actually be able to see your files. Is there a way to sync directories between two BTsync nodes, but prevent easy access on the node you are pushing to? Or is the assumption with BTsync made that sync of files between nodes mean 100% access on both nodes?


Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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