V1.2.91 --> V1.3.87 Upgrade -- Significantly Reduced # Of Peers Will Connect


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First I want to say thanks to the Sync dev team for your work on Sync - it is a fantastic project and very helpful to myself and a lot of others. So, thank-you.


Moving right along...  ;)


I distribute and maintain a repository of packages for PDQ Deploy (example). I've previously asked about getting the hard-coded 50-peer limit raised, removed or converted to a user-configurable variable (here).


I recently upgraded BT Sync on the repo server from v1.2.91 to v1.3.89, and have noticed it now connects with a significantly reduced number of peers. Previously it would quickly hit the 50-peer limit; under the new version it struggles to keep around 20 peers connected. Because of this I was forced to revert back to v1.2.91 until it can be resolved.


Was the peer limit reduced or any major protocol changes introduced in v1.3.89?

Edit: changed version to v1.3.89 (not .87)

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Thanks for the feedback!


The peer limit was not reduced in 1.3, it stayed the same - 50 peers. However, there were indeed major protocol changes in 1.3 - now BTSync contacts tracker server over TCP, and prefers TCP in LAN. Could you please collect the logs from your peer so we can check what is going wrong? Please make sure to set log_size to ~500 as you'll have huge amount of records in a log due to numerous peers.

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Just a quick update, the latest version (v1.3.89) continually crashes for me on Windows XP SP3. When it does stay running, it only maintains about 20 connected peers across two shares. When I roll back to v1.2.91, it works fine and suddenly connects to about 30-40 peers per folder share. Currently still running v1.2.91 because I have hosts needing updates, but I can roll back to v1.3.89 for more log collection or testing if you need.

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Hi, vocatus, can you reproduce this crash again and send me crash dump? (if crash was handled by Windows it can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson).


Sure thing, I'll load up the latest version (appears to be 1.3.94 as of 2014-05-10) and see if it crashes again.


The primary problem I'm experiencing is that it will not connect to very many peers as compared with v1.2.91. A significantly reduced amount (from 50 down to about 10, if I'm lucky).

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Hey Vildhet, some good news.


After installing the latest version and letting it run for quite a while, it seems that a) it isn't crashing any more, and B) it does connect to a lot of peers now, about the same amount as previously. It takes longer to get connected than with v1.2.91, but does end up connecting.


So we can probably consider this thread closed. Thanks for your help.

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