[Breakingchange] Get Secrets No Longer Returns The Encrypted Secret


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According to the documentation:



When "type" is set to "encryption" the response should also contain the encryption key

This worked with version 1.2.82 but as of version 1.2.91 it no longer returns the encryption key.


Side note: The API docs need version markers and be more consistent. 

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Ok, apparently they changed the parameter from "encryption" to "encrypted". 

And yet I'm not getting the encrypted key:



{ "read_only": "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", "read_write": "BBBBBBBBBBBBBB" }

Note that I did replace the actual key values before posting here.


The API documentation specifies:


Yet the following line on the same page specifies:


  • secret (required) - must specify folder secret
  • type (optional) - if type=encrypted, generate secret with support of encrypted peer

Please note the colour coded parameter and how two different versions are used:


encrypted vs encryption


Neither values return the encrypted key for me. (v1.3.94)

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In version 1.3.105 this has finally been fixed!

The correct type value is encryption, the API documentation is still outdated.

However it only works if you don't specify any value for "secret".

As soon as you do it doesn't work anymore.


When is someone from the BTSync team going to deal with the API?

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The correct value is encryption and it is the same in documentation. Please let me know if it is documented in a wrong way somewhere - we'll fix it.


Also, the "type" parameter is taken only if you are generating a new secret. If you supply API some key - it will ignore the type and get it from the key you fed. If the key can encrypt-decrypt data - API automatically will give you Encryption key as well.

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