Not Syncing Properly Between Machines

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Hi there guys,


I'm having an issue syncing between two locations for a client of ours.


Beforehand the sync was working perfectly and all the data was up to date.  However, the past couple of weeks the syncing, has failed onto the other location.  The data is still not up to date, despite the other location reporting that the upload has been successful.  The applications are both on the current version of bittorent sync.


If there anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it a lot.





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Few questions to clarify what is happening.

1. Current version - 1.3.87, 89 or 90?

2. Is there any event (BTSync upgrade, OS upgrade, etc.) you can bind to the "data not syncing"?

3. Sync failed - how do you know it and what are the symptoms? Do peers see each other in "Devices" tab? Only changed files does not sync, or issue affects also new files in sync folders?



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Hi thank you so much for the reply.


I would get reports saying, 'Failed to download', however I have downloaded the latest version.  :D


It seems that we was not prompted to the latest version 1.3.89 (We were currently on 1.2.91).  Since updating the application, the syncing between the server is up and running.


Can I leave this post open, until the end of the day if I encounter any issues?


Thanks RomanZ



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@Dr Jeff,

Glad to hear that it is resolved now. We do not publish all the builds released to public to auto-updates. Auto-update change is a pretty rare event and we publish only the most stable builds there.



When did it happen? If he was locked out with 1.2, I suggest trying 1.3 version, as it uses a different protocol to transfer data and may be already not blocked by your friend's ISP.

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