Generate A New Encrypted Folder : 0 Files ?


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I generate a new folder with a encryption key


I use Windows 7, and apparently a right configuration file (encryption key is generated).


But the windows Btsynch didn't see any file in folder (there are many files in dir ) , and peers are not aligned (ok if i can't see any file in original folder nothing could be aligned :) )

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Experiencing the same problem. I got an API key from BT, and started up my local peer instance. The configuration file is working as expected, because I can add files, get encryption secret etc. But when I enter the encryption secret on the QNAP remote peer, there are no files being synced. The QNAP remote peer is working fine because it is able to sync with other GUI-based peers without issues. Any hints as to what might be causing the problem? Do I need to run the QNAP remote peer in non-GUI mode?

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Hi gents,


Just to make sure that we are not confusing with the terminology:

- You've generated a key starting with "D..." on your PC

- You've got an encryption key starting with "F..." derived from your "D..." key

- You put the "F..." key on another PC (@antimojv - Win7, @brisance - QNAP) - and see no files.


Is this correct or I'm missing something?

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