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Sync Problems With Empty Folder (Bug)

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When I have a folder set to sync, and that folder contains the following items as an example:


  • AAAAA (full folder)
  • BBBBB (file)
  • CCCCC (full folder)
  • DDDDD (full folder)
  • EEEEE (empty folder)
  • FFFFF (full folder)
  • GGGGG (full folder)
  • ZZZZZ (file)

and BitTorrent Sync tries to sync the folders and files, this is what happens. BitTorrent syncs all items in decreasing alphabetical order (ZZZZZ, then GGGGG, then FFFFF...) and once getting to EEEEE, doesn't sync any files or folders after that. DDDDD, CCCCC, BBBBB, and AAAAA are not synced. When EEEEE is removed or items are placed in it, the others appear and start syncing. Also, when renaming AAAAA, BBBBB, CCCCC, or DDDDD, placing items in them, removing items from them, or etc., they individually sync.


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Which version of BTSync do you use? Which OS?


The issue you describe sounds related to 1.2, and it was successfully resolved in 1.3.

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