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I'm not sure whether I should post here or on a WHS site - but here goes.


I'm using BTSync between a number of devices (WHS Server, PC's and iPad). I can sync two devices when the server is not involved. I can also sync devices with the server when I am connected to the same LAN / WiFi. However, when I am not on the same LAN I cannot see the server on BTSync. I suspect it has something to do with server or router security and I might need to change / open the listening port on the server.


I haven't tried (yet) connecting to a PC on the same LAN when I am not on the same LAN.


Has anyone else come across this problem and if so, how did they resolve it?


Thanks in advance for any help (and LOVE the product!).


Paul S.

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I sync between various devices, including two WHS servers (one WHS v1, and the other WHS 2011), as well as numerous PC's, Android devices, and an iPad all without issue.


I would guess there's likely a firewall/router issue that's preventing your WHS server from seeing other devices directly.


If you can't resolve, I'd suggest looking at a VPN solution (there are many free ones available, such as Hamachi or NeoRouter, etc) - this will allow your WHS server to appear as though it resides on the same virtual "LAN" as your other devices, and will allow Sync to establish "direct" connections with other devices.

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