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Hey :)


I run my Bittorrent Sync Server from a raspberry pi and sync my music with a win 7 computer.

Now I got an Ubuntu Linux PC and wanted to sync that pc to.

So I installed BtSync and it seems to work fine :)


Just if I switch to the transfer or chronicle tab, it says "because of missing api this cannot be implemented" (hope my translation is correct, my client is in german ^-^)


can I somehow fix this? :)




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Hey! You are not the first one to ask the same question. But please tell me which part of this phrase is unclear:
"Kann auf Grund fehlender API nicht implementiert werden" ("Cannot implement due to missing API").
As I understand it, it should mean: I cannot implement NOW this functionality since CURRENTLY the BitTorrent Sync API DOES NOT PROVIDE THE FUNCTIONALITY NEEDED to implement it. This was the intended meaning, when I wrote the phrase... BTW: the Issues are documented: See Issue #75 and Issue #76.

This means:

  • You cannot do anything.
  • I cannot do anything.
  • Only the developers from BitTorrent Sync can do anything: they can implement some more APIs that make it possible to implement this feature that is also existing in the Windows and Mac OSX GUI.

And before you ask:
No. I do not know, if and when they will implement it. I hope soon.
Do you have any Idea how I can change the phrase in order to avoid some misunderstandings in the future? Feel free to post your suggestions both for German and English since I was responsible for both versions...

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okay :) danke für die schnelle antwort schonmal.


ich möchte mich auch für den repost entschuldigen, aber ich hab sowohl nach dem problem schon

bei google und hier im forum gesucht und leider nicht gefunden :o


vielleicht eine bessere faq / bug seite einrichten auf die verwiesen wird?




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