Bittorrent Sync Memory / Ram Millions Of Files

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Hi all!


Our company has websites, which host millions of files. These are 10-50 KB each. One Windows server carries around 100 million jpeg-images with a total of around 1 TB disk space.


To have a fail-over (or a round robin), we would like to sync files between Windows servers (WAN, not LAN). HOwever, we saw that BitTorrent sync requires around 300 bytes / file. This would mean a memory requirement of 30 GB for BitTorrent alone.


Is there a solution to this?


Thanks so much!

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Currently there is no way for BTSync to reduce amount of memory consumed per file. However, I can suggest a trick which you can use to sync that amount of files. 


1. Most likely, your data can be split in some smaller logical pieces (like, sites, or customers, or some other division).

2a. Use API to add folder, sync it, remove.

2b. OR - use config files, one per logical piece. Run BTSync with the config file, shut it down once sync is done, run next.

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