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Raspberry Pi Problems

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Hello everyone. I got my Raspberry Pi today and I followed the following instructions followed on this website.


The instructions were really easy to follow. But I ran into a few issues that I'd like to hear your opinion about. 


  1. I would like to change the trash time. On windows and Mac OS it's easy to change from 30 days to 45 or 180 or whatever.  How can I modify it?
  2. I ran into a storage problem. I used the following command lines to format the USB drive to test it out.
    df -h # find your drive here, e.g. `sda1`sudo umount /dev/sda1 # replace sda1 with your drive name !sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 -L BTSync # replace sda1 with your drive name !
    It created a volume called BTSync just like in the guide. I didn't have BTSync_ until after I restarted. I don't understand why there are these 2 folders were created (BTSync and BTSync_). Can someone explain why there are these 2 folders when I only created one? 

    Well, to the main issue: I have multiple folder secrets and I want to sync multiple secrets! I can't. I went into the file explorer and tried to create the folder and it said I didn't have permission. So the next thing I did was with my very little knowledge of the OS I opened the command line and moved myself to the BTSync folder and used "mkdir Documents" and it said the same thing, no access.  How can I create a folder in that drive? I want to create multiple folders. One for each "Secret" that I have: One for documents, one for pictures, one for mobile, etc. 

Thank you very much for your time. 

Kind regards.

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OK I have fixed the majority of the problems. I flashed the card and then started anew and this time I used FAT32 and I have no issues now. I created the folders from within the GUI and since it was fat32 I didn't have any issues. I'm sure Fat32 had NOTHING to do with it, but this time it worked :) I didn't mount it or anything like that! So yay.


The second issue is that I extracted the config and then added: “sync_trash_ttl”: 120, 


It might be overkill but I can always change it later! So... yay again :)



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Note that FAT32 system is rather old and has numerous limitations comparing to EXT4. Probably the most nasty ones:

1) FAT32 is not journaled FS. So, if you encounter sudden OS reboot / crash, drive unmount without flushing buffers, etc - the file system may be damaged.

2) FAT32 uses 32 bits to address the file size - which means it can't be larger than ~4Gigs. BTSync won't be able to sync any bigger files.

3) FAT32 is very plain in terms of access permissions (there are none, actually).

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