Bt Sync Not Syncing On Lan To An External Hard Drive With A Raspberry Pi


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Hello. I have set up a raspberry pi to be connected to my Wi-Fi network at home, have a USB connected 1TB hard drive, and have set up owncloud. Owncloud works with my external hard drive, but for some reason BT Sync does not work in syncing files. I have disabled relay and tracker servers because I only need it to work on LAN. On the GUI page, it shows that nothing is syncing to the folders I made a secret on my Mac and entered on the Pi and set it to save on the external hard drive. I think the problem is either the listening port is not open (which I don't really understand what it does), or the problem is permission errors, because owncloud thinks it owns the hard drive space. Also, I looked in the BT Sync debugging log on my Mac, and I saw that it receives ping to the IP of my Pi, but no transfers occur.


Does anyone have suggestions?

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Do you see the RPI device in Devices list on Mac? Also, is Mac displayed in the table of shared folders on RPI's WebUI?


If devices are not visible, I suggest leaving only one active NIC on both Mac and RPI, as BTSync has issues in subscribing to multicast packets if multiple NICs are active.


If devices are visible, but no Sync occurs - I suggest checking your firewall settings and if no ports are blocked explicitly - proceeding to debug log collection so I can take a peek what is going on on your system.

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Actually, the weird part is, some folders sync and some don't. If I create a new folder on my mac, the contents sync with the Raspberry Pi, but if I sync an old folder, it does not sync. I am trying to identify the problem. At first I thought it was a user-permissions error, but now I have ruled that out because I changed the permissions to the same as folders that did sync, and nothing happened. I now think the problem is that any folder that was in my Dropbox folder does not sync. They don't even sync with another computer such as a PC or another Mac. I don't know if it is because the folders were in the Dropbox folder, or because they were symbolically linked in the Dropbox folder.


Here is my debug log:

You will see that my Mac receives ping from my Pi's IP (, but does not actually send the files over.


EDIT: And yes, I see the devices on both the Pi and the Mac

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The log looks to be truncated, so I cant determine what is wrong with it. Is Dropbox still running on your PC and are folders that does not sync still added to it?

If yes - i suggest trying to remove Dropbox or disconnect folders from it as a test.

Also, could you please elaborate about symlinks? Note, that BTSync usually does not follow symlinks, just syncs them as is even if they get broken on a remote peer.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nope. Syncing still does not work. I got some of my folders to sync with the Pi, but some folders are not syncing. It says on the Pi BTSync GUI that they finished syncing, but not filed have actually been synced over.


Anymore suggestions? This is really weird.

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