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Sync Between Two Harddisks On Same Device

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Is it possible to setup a sync between two folders on two different harddisks on the same server/device? For doing a local mirror etc.


Nope! Sync won't allow you use to use same secret more than once on each running instance of Sync.


Sync's primary purpose is to sync your data between devices, rather than between local drives on the same device.


A workaround would be to sync instead to an external supported NAS drive that's also running Sync.

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Technically, there is a way to accomplish it. You can run 2 instances of BTSync on a single PC. They should store DB and service data in different folders - so you have to run them either for 2 different users OR with config file pointing to different storage location.


However, these 2 instances will still sync data using network stack which is far from optimal for a single PC (syncing data on a single PC is not something BTSync was designed for)

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