Is There A Way To Get The 33Char Encrypted Read-Only Peer Key With A Custom Key That's Much Longer?


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This is the one feature blocking me right now from setting this up on one of my machines. As more and more users use BTSync, guessing keys will get easier and easier given that there's only the same alphanumeric keyspace. With today's hashing hardware for mining Bitcoins, mining other peoples' data from BTSync will be a passtime amongst a select few.


No matter the odds, this is a feature that's definitely important. Right now it doesn't matter while the service is in beta, but this is incredibly essential in the longterm.


Getting a read only peer key of either 33 characters (at least), or preferably of a variable partial length of the original would be amazing.

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Nevermind.. found the answer in another thread:


Lastly, a big thank you to all the developers and everyone involved making this software.  Nothing like it out there and I am grateful to be able to use it..

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