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I have been using BitTorrent Sync desktop client for a while and everything been going without a hitch. I have Camera backup turned on for my Ipad and Iphone and I back up my photos to designated folder regularly.


But I after the latest update (v. 1.3.94) if BitTorent Sync app is not opened on my IOS device l  get the out of sync notification messages like this and this every 5-7 min literally, although there have not been any such messages in previous BitTorrent Sync desktop client version.


I do not want to turn all notifications off, but why these notifications started to pop-up in 1.3.94 version and how to fix the issue?



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It's not currently possible to disable individual notifications - "Preferences -> Show Notifications" will show/suppress all notifications at present.


If you wish to be able to disable some notifications but not others, I'd suggest posting your suggestion in the Wishlist.


You don't say which version of Sync you were using prior to 1.3.94, but "out of sync" notifications are relatively new. i.e. if you were previously using 1.1.x or 1.2.x you wouldn't have seen them.

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Thanks for a reply, just to clarify: is the "out of sync" notification in every 10 minutes or so designed as a default notification behaviour for Camera backup folders for IOS or something went wrong? If it is a default behaviour it is rather weird to me, because it seems obvious nobody would have BitTorent Sync IOS app turned on all day long for permanent syncing. Thanks for a reply.


P.S. I cannot remember the previous version batch, 1.2.x probably.

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