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I've been using btsync successfully between my desktop and laptop for some time (whether or not they're on the same network).


I downloaded the bittorrent sync iOS app, scanned the QR code from my computer and it instantly recognized the folder and added it. But shows "No devices online" directly below the folder name, I enabled Auto download. But still, nothing. At this point I am on the same network as an online machine.


Any ideas?

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The app on the apple store is not the latest version, that would be the problem.


The app in the apple store is the latest version (1.3.35 - April 21) - remember that the version numbers for the mobile apps don't correspond to or follow the same version numbers of the desktop apps. So whilst the latest desktop version of Sync is presently 1.3.94, the latest iOS version is 1.3.35.

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