Persistent !sync File


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I've three computers running version  1.3.93  on ubuntu/debian using the appropriate packages.

There was a file which was deleted but the !sync file remained on one of the computers and now I'm in update hell as the three computer keep recreate the !sync file after I delete it. I delete the !sync file, restart btsync on all three computers and by magic and from the ether the sync file reappears.  The three computers only connect by a predefijned host.

Is there a way to manual purge the file from the database or to force a database reset or to do something as it is using bandwidth


Any suggestions?




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I've solved this problem. The solution is to touch a file with the same name as the original !sync file. Btsync sorts itself out when there is  target file and the minimal size means that it is quickly resolved, When all the sync files have disappeared, delete the touched file

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