Error: Folder Out Of Sync … All Devices Offline

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I am running 1.3.94 on latest version of OS X on two separate macs. I do not recall the exact wording, but I just received an error notification to the effect of "xxx folder is out of sync. All devices went offline." Additionally, I have frequently been getting other error messages that just say "all devices went offline" or something like that. These error messages just started happening after the recent 1.2 > 1.3 update to Sync. These error messages sound ominous, and I believe some documents may possibly have also been deleted from one of my macs, with an older version of the documents then synced back instead. 


Does anyone have anymore info on what is going on here? Is this a known problem with the latest update? Should I be concerned about data loss and stop using Sync until this issue is fixed?



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These particular informational notifications were introduced in Sync 1.3 - which is why you didn't see them in 1.2


It basically means that you've just updated a file in a folder that Sync is monitoring, but at that point in time, none of the other devices that folder Syncs with are on-line.


Once at least one of the other devices you're syncing with comes on line, the changes made will then propagate, so it's nothing to worry about - it does not indicate an error/problem/bug - it's just a new notification that was introduced in 1.3 to alter you to the fact that other devices are offline

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