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after finished sync ~1000 files I still get popups in right bottom corner with notifications like "file has finished downloading" during whole day! Can you add option - disable notifications (if count sync files more than 300, for example), or change notifications to simple log (for watching if needed to know, what files has been synced), or don't show queue popups "finished downloading", only show immediately after downloading.

Thank you.

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Guest proactiveservices

There was a post here by user "goli" about more granular control over notifications (I can't reply to it as the forum "Search" feature doesn't seem to let me follow a result to the post). I am currently syncing a few thousand small files from my laptop to my desktop. I do want notifications, but I am being DoSed by the notification feature as the bubble is appearing several times a second and stopping me getting to my Start Bar! :-D


I really like the idea of having a "Sync folder XYZ has finished syncing, 123 files downloaded" notification, if a lot of files have just been downloaded (or are being done so).

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For BitTorrent Sync desktop: it would be great to have an opportunity to disable some notifications arbitrary (not just all of them as it is now), e.g. via check-box ticking. For instance, to disable "out of sync notifications" or notification for specific folders.

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For shares that I share with other people, I like having notifications when someone starts syncing.


However, for me between my devices... repeated notifications are annoying/distracting. I only want to be notified the first time it starts syncing or when something abnormal occurs. (like if a device goes offline)

Being able to tweak this would be great

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For completeness, the following users also previously requested such features in the original Wishlist thread:

2. Choose which share folders to display 'Download Complete' notifications for. For example, I have my mother's Documents folder sync'd 1-way to a backup folder on my PC. Every time she imports her photos, saves a document, etc. I get tray notifications. If I turn off notifications, I'm no longer notified if files in other shared folders are modified, such as if I share a folder with a work colleague.

2. Disable notifications for some folders. I am backing up the -virtual- sdcard folder on my Galaxy Nexus, I don't need to know that every cache file in every application data folder is downloaded.

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Hi Folks:


OK, love the new notifications, but not every 10 seconds.


Yes, I could turn it off, but then whats the point?


How about giving it the ability to notify you after say (have been able to sync for more than 24 hours) or something like that. I want to know when it can't sync for some reason, not that it is syncing every 10 seconds. 


I have 5 folders and my entire documents folder syncing between 3 computers so this is annoying as all heck.


So like, BTsync (Unable to sync (FOLDER NAME) for (# of HOURS)


For now, Turning it off.

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I'd love a way to customize what tray notifications BTSync displays. I personally find the "BTSync just started syncing" notification to be not all that useful, and also the "BTSync is now up to date" notification after the change I just made on the very same computer. I much prefer only to be notified of completed tasks that were initiated by another device. The tray icon animation already tells me when it's in progress.

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I want to use BitTorrent Sync to replace Dropbox however the notifications system for BitTorrent Sync leaves a lot to be desired..


I would like to see file names in the notifications and a quick and easy history list via one click on the BitSync icon in the Windows notification area.


Many thanks



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