How Much Are You Guys Actually Syncing?


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Unlike Dropbox where everyone just kind of dumps stuff in a folder (although I guess you can do that) ... how much are you guys really pushing back and forth? Anyone doing more than 100GB?


I definitely like that you aren't confined to a specific folder, but it's also more intensive to manage different folders' configurations....

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It's an interesting question since I hae seen CPU usage increase linearly with size of the folder, so that my computers (both mac and windows) can't really do over ~500 GB without effecting everyday usage (even with folder_rescan_interval turned to infinity).


Anyone else notice this? It's the reason I turned to AeroFS.

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I dont know if it can help but, here's a description of the R/W server that I refered in my last post:


- CPU Intel E5700

- 4 GB of RAM

- 1 x 250 GB HDD for OS

- 1 x 2 TB for BTS

- Windows 2008 R2 64Bit


That's what it look's like:



* I don't know if your BTS is syncyng on the same hard drive that the OS reside but, it greatly help's when the syncs folders aren't on the primary hard drive.

** Especially if they are voluminous folders!!

*** That may be the cause of your issue!?


Hope it help's

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Thanks so much for the screen shots! Very helpful. I indeed think it is number of files, you have about 2k and I have about 100k (home folder) and a crapier computer.


I guess my wish was that I would just have a mirror of my computer on my sever update automaticaly, but it dosen't seem possible.


My question is... why dosen't AeroFS have this problem (linear lag proportional to # of files). Feels like BTSync scans all folders regularly while AeroFS just looks for changes in files.

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BTSync does not scans files all the time. It subscribes OS notifications for file changes and rescans folder every folder_rescan_interval. The rest of the time it just exchanges messages with other peers available to see if any changes are happening on other peers.


Do I understand correctly, that BTSync consumes some CPU usage even when nothing is actually happening (no sync ongoing, no changes are done on sync folders)?

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