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Quite simply, BitTorrent is corrupting some of the original files it syncs.


Here is what is happening:


On Computer A, I have  After BitTorrent sync, I end up with:!sync!sync.DSN!sync.ND


On Computer B, to which the files are being synced, I end up with!sync.DSN!sync.ND


On Computer A, the original file disappears and cannot be opened even after I remove the added extension. The original file that has been synced to Computer B is still functional.


This happens for different file types and in different directories without apparent pattern or reason. It only affects some files.


Any ideas what is going on here?  Thanks for your help!



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.DSN and .ND extensions will not be being added by BitTorrent Sync. These particular extensions appear to relate to QuickBooks.


Therefore, do you have any other backup/sync-type programs (or QuickBooks addons/plugins/extensions), acting on the same files?


A .!sync file is created by Sync during the receiving of data from a file on another device. Once the file has been fully received, the file is renamed and the .!sync part removed.


It sounds like when Sync is creating these temporary .!sync file to receive data, that you've got some other process/application monitoring the same folder which then adds a .DSN/.ND extension to the .!sync file. Because the resulting file no longer ends in .!sync, Sync will interpret the resultant file (ending .DSN/.ND) as a newly added file, and will sync this it back to other devices.


Bottom line is; BitTorrent Sync isn't corrupting your files; whatever is adding the .DSN/.DN extension is!

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Thanks for your response.  I use BTS to sync two computers but have long used (long before I installed BTS) CrashPlan for off-site backup up.  I do have QuickBooks on my system, but do not have a separate backup routine for it and, in fact, have disabled the automatic backup settings in the program.


Although I used an example from my QuickBooks directory, I do have other files (.docx, pdf) in other directories that possess a .!sync extension and are no longer accessible. They do not also have the .DSN or .ND extensions.


I understand what you said about a !sync file being created by Sync during the receiving of data from a file on another device. That makes sense if a NEW FILE is being created on the receiving device. But this problem is occurring on the device where the ORIGINAL file is located. If BTS is renaming the ORIGINAL FILE with !sync during the syncing process that strikes me as a bad process.  That is what has happened to me and it leaves me with a corrupted ORGINAL FILE because the renamed .!sync file is not being renamed back to the original.  (In this example, my QuickBooks software only exists on the originating machine.)


Does BTS rename the ORIGINAL FILE during the sync process?  Because that is where my problem is occurring.


I am grateful for your help and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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