Sync Fails To Index Many Files On Windows

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I installed Sync today for the first time, on Windows 8. I copied the files I wanted to a folder and added a sync for that one. It started indexing, but after it's done it says: 9336 files, while windows explorer info of that folder shows: 9746 files. Filesize: 1.2GB vs 1.27GB.


This way I can't work with Sync... :(


Sync 1.3.94

Win 8.1 64bit.


If it's useful I can start comparing the synced files on a other device with the source folder.


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Ok, thanks! It turns out that the filtering of the ._* removes a lot of my files...

Several Android libraries I use while coding have the standard convention of ._somename.extension.

So I don't really understand why this wildcard is included by default, but at least I know how to fix it now!

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