"can't Open The Destination Folder"

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I just installed Sync on my new laptop, and when I try to add a sync I hit "Generate" to make a new secret key, and add my folder path and I get this error.


The folder exists and I have full permissions to it. All my other software can see and edit those files.






This might have something to do with my "C:\Users\User\Documents\Transfer" being a junction to my D:\ drive. I have a 256GB SSD as my C:\ drive and I put my 1TB HDD as my D:\ drive and made a junction to it in my Documents (using mklink /J) folder since it is rarely accessed and huge. This worked fine previously on my older laptop to using BTSync 1.1 and 1.2.

Oops. Sorry I just realised I posted this to the "General discussion" forum. Can a moderator please move it to the bugs forum?

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