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Hi everybody,


Excuse my English in advance it is not my mother tongue.

I recently installed Bittorrent Sync on both my computer and my android phone to sync the entire SD card folder to the computer. Everything is working great but one thing! The screenshot folder won't sync. The folder itself is created on the computer but nothing seems to fill it.


I was wondering if maybe the png files weren't recognized or something with the long names automatically given to the files was creating a problem? If someone had a clue what is happening it would really help me.


Thanks a lot to anybody taking the time to help and answer.

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Here are the options I can suggest:

1. The folder which does not sync content was added to .SyncIgnore

2. Permissions issue (I suggest installing some Terminal application and checking permissions for the folder)


Try adding this folder to BTSync explicitly - and see if it syncs. 


If all of the items above does not help - could you please tap a "Feedback" on your phone and agree to send logs? Our support can take a look at the logs and understand why your screenshots folder is not synced.

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