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Has anyone tried to sync their font vault? Is there a way to make the (desktop) font list (collecting fonts from the various libraries and places Adobe and MS hides them, plus at least the current, presumably admin, user account) match across laptop and other (work/home) computers?


Let's call that the master font list. Would deleting or corrupting fonts on other computers delete it from the master, and hence all other, font lists?


I really hope some brave soul has tried this. It has taken years to get fonts to behave on my computers, although I still have to search out missing fonts sometimes when opening old projects. I've abandoned many font management utilities over the years and now run a vanilla Apple OSX system, but sometimes I'll need to search "Packaged" InDesign folders for old fonts, and then realize, sometimes too late, they aren't currently available because they have problems and need to be hunted down and replaced, then killed.


So we're not looking to unleash zombie fonts but we do want to find fonts in folders all over various computers and backup drives, hopefully not have to install them in Font Book, but have them available everywhere always. Has anyone been able to build a reliable and convenient font management system around Sync?


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If I understand correctly your task, at the end of day you want to grab all the font files from one computer and put them in one place, right? Actually Sync doesn't look a proper tool for that.

The most appropriate tool would be writing some script which can search and maintain the DB periodically.

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