Can't Sync Hard Linkde Folders After Upgrading To 1.3.94


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I have some VHD disks, linked to directory by system tools. This folders successfully opened in any programs (Explorer, image viewer, etc). But, after upgrading BTSync to 1.3.94 I see message "Error: Can't open the destination folder" and empty directory name at "My sync" tab.


I try to remove this record and create new one. "Can't open the destination folder" message shown and directory not added. Also, no error records in log. What happened? How I can add again this directories to BTSync?


Windows 7 x64, BTSync 1.3.94.

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There are some causes of, and solutions for, this error in the Unofficial Troubleshooting FAQ. For example, it may be that the folder's .SyncID file has become corrupt, in which case, deleting it then re-adding the folder back to Sync may resolve your issue.

Delete all hidden files and directories - SyncID, .SyncArchive, .SyncIgnore - and trying again. No changes, same error.

But working after attaching VHD as drive M: (for example). I think problem in directory link behaviour.

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  • 9 months later...

Upgraded to version 1.4.110 beta

I can't share folder as described above.


I attach VHD file as folder (C:\myprojects\homeprojects for example).

Press "Add folder" in BTSync, select folder C:\myprojects\homeprojects, dialog window look fine and contain default settings. Close window and looking to BTSync main window. BTSync create another folder, named C:\myprojects\homeproject (without last letter) and share this empty folder! Look like bug with file names handling.

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