Error: Can't Open The Destination Folder After Update From 1.2.91 To 1.3.94

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I've got "Error: Can't open the destination folder" for my one folder. It seems that folder path was suddenly changed in sync.dat . It was "C:\Users\Sergey\Sync" (directory junction to "E:\Home\Sergey\Sync"). Now it "C:\Home\Sergey\Sync".

I tryed restoring sync.dat but it changes again.

How to fix this trouble? Or I must rollback to older version?


My system:

Windows 7 x64 SP1 Pro (all updates are installed)

BitTorrent Sync 1.3.94

Intel Core i3-3220

16 GB DDR3


I deleted the folder in BitTorrent Sync and tryed to add "C:\Users\Sergey\Sync" but got error "Can't open the destination folder".

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where the folder is actually located in your Explorer - C:\Users\..... or C:\Home\....? 


Error "Can't open the destination folder" means that the folder was deleted, renamed or moved to another directory in Explorer. 

The simplest way is to remove it from BTSync and re-add it again (you will need to confirm ownership).

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Thanks for response.


Folder is located in "E:\Home\Sergey\Sync" (another partition; FS: NTFS; size: 170 MB).

"C:\Users\Sergey\Sync" is directory junction (similar to UNIX symbolic link) to "E:\Home\Sergey\Sync".

"C:\Home\Sergey\Sync" doesn't exist.


I already tryed to re-add "C:\Users\Sergey\Sync" and got error.


"E:\Home\Sergey\Sync" was added successfully. Why junctions doesn't work in BitTorrent Sync 1.3.94?

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This is frustrating. Directory junctions worked just fine right before I updated 10 minutes ago.


Now I'm getting a "Can't open the destination folder." error, and all of my sync directives are broken.


Please allow junctions to continue.

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No, adding junctions as synced folder is not supported anymore. Yes, it was possible in v1.2., but not in 1.3. Though junctions inside a synced folder (normal folder) will work.


Sorry for the inconveniences, we will consider enabling them back in one of future releases. So far, please, use ordinary folders.

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