Ios Camera Roll Backup - Deleting On The Pc

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I have Camera Roll backup working from an iPad a Windows PC. Versions 1.3.35 on the iPad and Version 1.3.94 on the PC.


The initial backup ran very well.  If I then delete a photo from the iPad the photo remains on the PC which is, I believe, the expected behaviour.


But if I delete a file from the PC backup folder the iPad Client seems to try to re-upload the photo, but gets stuck at the "connecting" stage.  Screenshot attached.




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@biggles621, @Alexey Solonets


It is designed behavior. Once you delete photos on your PC, iOS device will "see" that some photos are missing and will want to upload them. However, the PC does not accept already deleted files (as, actually, any other read-only peer): it records the deletion fact in DB and will no longer get this file.


You can force Sync on PC to restore removed / changed files by adjusting folder setting "Restore modified files".

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OK. I have my iphone syncing to a folder on my Mac at home and my Windows PC at work. When I open the iphone app, it uploads to both locations.


If I delete a photo on the Windows computer, shouldn't it delete on the Mac folder as well?

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No, not actually. in general, Sync supports 2 kinds of secrets: Read-only (RO) and full access (RW). When you are doing a backup, the device owns RW secret and all backup devices (your computers) own RO secrets.


RO secret prohibits propagation of any changes. So if you change anything on peers owning RO secret - it has only 2 choices - discard your changes and re-get files from RW peers, or no longer update files which you've changed. The second behavior is default.

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