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Is it possible to add an option to let all traffic be routed through a proxy server (Socks5 for instance).
This way is it possible to route and mask all traffic through a tunnel when the network is bit-torrent unfriendly. (Hence, at work)

I myself would like to use a SSH tunnel for this, but it can be anything.

Using tsocks does not route the bit-torrent traffic though the tunnel weirdly enough

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HTTPS proxy support. If you want an alternative to Dropbox, this is needed.

Yes, I am using Dropbox on many machines / android things including my work laptop which is behind a company firewall at it works great; this great working I wish to BitTorent Sync.

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For completeness, the following users also previously requested such features in the original Wishlist thread:

+1 for Proxy support (my number one as I would like to sync files from inside corp network to my

1. Proxy support. So that it can work at work. I can't make any outside connections other than via a proxy.....ESSENTIAL!!!!

Proxy support is a basic requirement (HTTP, SOCKS, etc).
Many cannot use BT Sync because some ISP's require their proxy to be used. This is especially true for in enterprise and education.
Proxy support is also useful in order to hide BT Sync traffic. I.e through an SSH tunnel or VPN, etc.

6) Proxy support (eg corporate networks).

Proxy support

+1 proxy support

1. SOCKs Proxy support

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