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+1 on the progress indicator idea. Even a percentage indicator would suffice as well. It's really tough - especially when syncing between mobile and desktop devices - to tell how far along a sync is and how much longer it might take to complete.

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For completeness, the following users also previously requested such features in the original Wishlist thread:

Progress bar is also helpful, as many suggest, especially for large files this will reassure user how soon it can be finished.

3) I would like to see the progress of downloading.

1) Progress Bar: It would be nice to have a better progress bar, maybe a graphic one would work.

4. A progress bar in the Windows, Mac and (hopefully) soon-to-be Linux client. This would be very helpful for my rather non tech savy employees.

2. Progress Bar Syncing - noticed it was asked previous - but asking again

I would like to see progress bars for all current transfers.

I would like to see progress bars for all current transfers.

7.Progress Bar for downloading files.

3. Progress bar for folders list

2) Percentage and\or progress bar for larger downloads\Uploads (Cooler it we could get the colour coded chunk display, though not useful for people with only one or two computers linked.)


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I would love to see added to the panel a percentage of how much of the total contents of a folder that the computer has synced.  Reading the History is not very helpful.


example: If my original folder with the complete content has 1.2 gb across 12 files, and I create a folder on another computer and share the secret with it, it would be really cool if it could display a small bar with the percentage of total files synced.


Cheers, seems a heck of a lot more stable than the last time I used it.  


I take it back, I just happened to look in the Devices Tab, and it actually has a queue showing which files are pending and also showing a real-time countdown of the file size remaining.




Hopefully some other noob will see this post and slap their own face..



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