File Cloning Between Read-Only Encrypted Nodes

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I've been playing around with this quite a bit.

I noticed in 1.3.93 that if I add files to the .SyncIgnore on a source machine, the read-only encrypted nodes seem to still retain those files and seed them between each other.


Like, if I boot a new machine up and add the read-only encrypted key to it, it'll download all of the "ignored" files from the other ROE nodes but not the original source machine.



I tried rebooting all machines (including the source) and it still wouldn't remove that content from the the ROE nodes or move it to .SyncArchive like I expected. I had to remove it simultaneously from all of the ROE nodes manually or it would start resyncing.


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As BTSync stores 2 copies of trees when communicates to encrypted peers, my guess would be the same - the issue happens as syncignore is applied to encrypted filenames.


Thanks for reporting, we'll try reproducing it in our lab.

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