Ipad Always Downloads Files - Although "download Not Activated"

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I am very satisfied with Bittorent Sync for Mac, but for iPhone or Ipad it drives me crazy, at least I can not handle it propberly. Always it starts syncing the folder, so you have to wait a while until you see it, but than it starts downloading some, but not all files and i have no idea why this happens. The "auto download ist disabled". Via that I am rappidly up to 0,5 GB and more and have to stop it than.


Any idea what is going wrong or what I am doing wrongly




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Hi Armin,


I personally experienced this myself. Somewhere between the last BTSync desktop update and the iOS updates, it started doing this. Some folders would sync some files (not all), and there didn't seem to be a pattern to it.


I initially created a new Sync folder to sync, and couldn't replicate it. In the end, I just uninstalled BTSync on my iPhone and iPad completely, then installed again and added the folders again and it stopped doing it.


Wish I could have helped BTSync devs troubleshoot this more, but I couldn't replicate anymore after the reinstall.


Hope this helps.


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