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I'd like to create a backup solution with raspberry pi and btsync:

The Destination is my Computer which syncs the data to a hard drive conncted to the raspberry pi. At the same time I would like to sync the files to a gaerman storage provider (strato hdrive) which supports ftp.

Would this be possible with btsync or do I need an additional application to transfer the files to this storage?

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If all you want is off-site backup (i.e. not full two-way sync), you can use a cron job to do the backup.  For example, the lftp command has a mirror option that is useful.


Strato also supports webdav.  Another option is to mount it with davfs2.  Then do a direct rsync to it.  Note that webdav doesn't always handle timestamps well.  In my case, I had to do a 2 pass rsync to get around this.  A size only (rsync -a --size-only --no-t --no-p) followed by an update rsync (rsync -au --no-t --no-p).  Not perfect, but it works.


I've also put encfs on top of it so the data is encrypted before it is sent to the webdav server.  My setup is something like:


BTSync <-> Raspberry Pi -> rsync -> encfs -> davfs2 -> my webdav provider


If you want full sync capabilities, as mentioned before, you will need a provider that supports btsync or some other sync mechanism.

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BTSync <-> Raspberry Pi -> rsync -> encfs -> davfs2 -> my webdav provider

Why is rsync needed? It should be possible for BTSync on the RPI to write directly to the unencrypted folder of encfs which points to the encrypted folder of your webdav-provider.


In addition to this, Strato's HiDrive supports ssh. So, instead of davfs2, it's possible to use sshfs.

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