Versioning: Selective Or Per Share.


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 I have a need for selective versioning, at least per share. The case in point is that I have a directory for work ducments and another for VM instances I want to sync between two computers, my desktop ( a fast computer) and my laptop (not as fast, but needed when out in the field :), coupled with a backup central NAS server.


 The image size of the VMs directory totals only 5G (Linux instances ;) but as they run, I have a 6x multiplication in less that 24hours, synching to the central NAS/backup server. Okay, on the NAS (Linux server) I could start a separate btsync instance, but I don't have that facility on the MacOSX machines where I run the VMs on (though only one at a time using the VMs, still both the Desktop and Laptop is on for various other reasons), and to do the sync_trash_ttl globally, I loose my work document history/versioning ;(


As such I want a way to specify for a share/directory how much (and or how often) I need to version it instead of for the whole instance. Extending the patch and version size settings to be per directory/share would also be handy in this regard.


 Come to think about it, it would be nice to also have a way to say that it should only keep a single version per day, instead of for every sync. Would be great if that is extended to a version every hour for the first day etc. but that starts to become a backup policy...

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+1 to this for sure!!

Versioning or archive history to be done selectively would be great to minimise the amount of space it would consume.

i keep most of folders of work and home computer in sync and it would be great to have My Documents folder have 30 day history, however some other ones are 5 days.

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Just to add to this, as I sync to my NAS, and it keeps a copy, however I would like the NAS not to hold any archived versions.

ie. It keeps my 'downloads/ tempory' folder sync across 3 computers.


I cannot put the folder into the ignore list NOR can I not send to the NAS, as my office, client and home PCs are only on one at a time..

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