Anyone Managed To Sync 30+ Gb File To Android? Seems Impossible To Me.

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I've got exfat formatted 64gb sdcard and trying to sync to it a 30+ GB file. It just hangs there at downloading without actually downloading anything. And I've waited days!


- All versions of sync (android, PC) are latest

- android is latest 4.4 official samsung update and is saving to the com.bittorrent.sync folder thats' the only writeble on the sdcard.

- i'm managing to sync mp3s using the same setup just fine

- since it's exfat 30GB shouldn't be a problem.

- there is plenty of free space on the card



So what might be stopping it from even starting the download process? It looks like the file can't be created for some reason. Does the android software has problems with files that big?

I sync the same file to other PC just fine.

So it's clearly something related to Android and the size of the file.

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