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Would love to have this feature available.


Though considering the nature of firefoxos apps i'd imagine it'd be a bit different to other builds.


Maybe a workaround would be rsyncing to one of the folder's when the phone is connected or building an app hooked into the firefox persona to sync the files across.


Either way this would be a killer feature to have.


Switched from my iPhone 5c to the Firefox Flame and really liking it, good to see something so young as this grow and love the open nature of the mozilla team.

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Any news regarding the development of a "Firefox OS" BT Sync version ?


I tested the beta 2 years ago, and just received an e-mail with the "version 2.0" news and pro offers.


Despite the software isn't opensource, I could consider paying a license for the Pro because it is very useful.


But my professional smartphone runs on Firefox OS, and I won't sign in if there is no real complete application for this system to save automatically my datas on the SD Card.


FFOS is based on Web and Html5 technologies, it should be easily possible to adapt BT Sync for this system which is more and more used.


Thanks in advance ! :)

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