Problems With Bittorrent 1.3.94


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Dear all,


I have upgraded the BitTorrent to the last version, i.e. 1.3.94. Since then my two macs can not see each other anymore. The logs are here


I already posted a special topic on that but got no answer.


Could somebody tell me at least how to deinstall the BitTorrent completely from OSX. I have deleted the bundle, the preference and cash files, but when I reinstall the software, it still uses preferences from the previous version. So there must be some other files that I do not know and would need to be deleted in order to completely remove the software.


Could somebody tell me where to get a previous version of BitTorrent Sync?




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try using predefined hosts. open the synced folder settings. on tab 'Properties' enable Predefined hosts and put there IP:port of the other peer.
As for uninstalling BTSync, there is a folder ~/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/ which contains BTSync configuration and database files. You may manually remove it after deinstallation. Also, in Mac Terminal run this command: defaults delete com.bittorrent.Sync.
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