Secret Problems 1.3.94

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Just installed BT Sync for the first time on two computers.  Maybe I'm noobing it up this this seems to be a big problem.


Whenever I share a folder, it says "Invalid Secret" for any string that is not a 33 character Base64 string.  

32 Chars Nope

34 Chars Nope


I understood that multiple string lengths could be used.


Thats bad enough, but it will only accept BT Sync generated passwords.  When I go to check the Full Access Secret it will not give an error for a 33 character string that I generate myself but when I check on the secret again it is back to the one that was originally generated by BT Sync.  To say it another way, it will not let me change the secret at all.  It just keeps reverting to the old secret. 


For example:


This is the generated password (no longer shared obviously):

ASSD6HEXK4N5DC3AFC3JOZR5ZYFZ75CFT  it accepts this one.

It will change it to a new BT sync generated password which I will not share here


But it will accept and not save:


(I can put in into the box, but if I hit apply the box changes immediately back to the previous password)


But it will not accept or save:





Running Win 7 64 bit if thats helpful.


Has anyone else run into this?  Am I doing something truly stupid?  

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