[Now Implemented!] Setting To Delay Syncing

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BitTorrent Sync is just a great program!


I have run into one issue I don’t know how to resolve or maybe I am asking for a new option. And if I am posting this in the wrong place, I apologize.


I backup a sever that is used for a Dental office that uses EagleSoft. Every so often the program rolls over a file (PattersonPM.log - contains a transaction history) when it gets to a certain size. This rollover happens when the database is started by essentially renaming the current PattersonPM.log file and creating a new blank PattersonPM.log file. The operation system (Windows 7 Pro) and BitTorrent Sync sense and react to the change so fast (seems shorter than the 10 sec I’ve been reading about) that the EagleSoft database can’t start up because the new PattersonPM.log file is in use by BitTorrent Sync trying to sync it.


Is there a way that currently exists or could be added as an option to delay BitTorrent Sync from syncing immediately on sensing a file/folder change? This would be something different than the "folder_rescan_interval" setting, something like "initial_sync_delay".


Again, thanks for the program and for looking into this!


P Prog

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Not really sure if I'm allowed to bump a thread this old...This is the exact feature I'm looking for; When I make a new folder in a synced 'tree?' it will immediately start syncing and freeze explorer so I cannot type a name for the folder, if I wait for BTSync to finish it works.  I have started to pause sync before I make any changes.


If there was a customizable delay that would solve this problem.

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