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I am trying to use btsync with my Raspberry Pi.

I mounted HiDrive (a german storage provider) and a Hard Disk.

What I intend to do is to mirror Files from my PC to the HardDrive and from the HardDrive to the cloud stroage (hidrive).


The first step works I could connect my PC to the RPi and the files are synchronised. But I can't add the (mounted) hidrive folder. I get the message that the folder has already been added:




The Folder on the HDD looks like this:



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Found this:

"Selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync"
If you try to add a folder to BitTorrent Sync and you see this message, it's likely that you've already used the "secret" you're entering for one of the other folders you're currently syncing. It's not possible to sync two separate folders on the same device using the same "secret".


How can I release that btsync is mirroring the hard disk to hidrive?

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You basically can't use the same secret twice in a single running instance of Sync.


Therefore, if you've got a folder, let's say "C:\Folder" that you wish to sync with a "mounted" external drive/share, etc - let's call it "D:\Folder", you won't be able to add them both to Sync using the same secret.


All the locations you add to your Sync are interpreted as "local" (even if they're on network shares, etc), and Sync isn't designed to "mirror" one local folder to another, it's designed to sync your files between devices. As such, Sync needs to be installed and running on all the devices your wish to sync between. That's why, for example, you can't sync between an internal hard disk and a simple external USB hard disc, but you could sync between an internal hard disk and an external NAS drive (because you can install & run Sync on both your local computer and your NAS drive)


I'm not familiar with "HiDrive", but you'd essentially need to be able to install and run Sync on that platform (if that's even possible?) if you wish to be able to sync with it

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you could also use another computer (if you have one) and only have the hidrive folder in the BTSync on that computer (ie computer 1 - local folder, computer 2 - hidrive folder).  

it's a rather clumsy workaround, and requires another computer, but it does work. 

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