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So I have sync installed on a linux server acting as a remote host for my files, but I'm having some problems with the amount of memory and CPU it's consuming.


It's hosted on a DreamHost VPS, so the biggest problem is when I reach my limits they will either force upgrade my tier of hosting or reboot my server so I don't continue using over the amount I pay for. Is there a way to limit the CPU/Memory usage?


Here's an excerpt from my processes

root     11290  109 31.1 447844 237124 ?       Ssl  17:08   9:41 /BTSync/btsync

As you can see, it's using over 100% of my CPU and 31% of my memory. This is usually only the case when it's indexing folders or uploading from multiple computers. But the problem is they'll end up rebooting and causing hiccups in our operation because we're unable to sync.


Any ideas? I just updated sync to the latest version (1.3.94)

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Indeed, the most CPU-consuming procedures done by Sync are hashing and encryption (encryption is a bit lesser if CPU has HW AES support). It is done mainly during indexing of changed files - and during file receive operation.


There is no any build-in means to limit CPU and mem usage. However, it looks like you are using Linux-based machine, so I can advise using cgroups feature to limit CPU load for Sync.

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