Why Bittorrent Sync Can Never Be Idle?


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I have both OneDrive and BitTorrent running on my Windows 7 laptop. It seems that BitTorrent can never be idle. It is constantly using about 2~3% of my cpu even though there is no change in any of my files. On the other hand, OneDive can be idle if you are not changing any files.


So if you just let your computer be idle, the total CPU time of BitTorrent will still increase but the CPU time of OneDrive won't. Why BitTorrent need to use CPU constantly?



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I observe the same on Synology NAS 1813+.

I installed BT Sync 1.3.106 and added two folders to sync (in total, approx. 300.000 files = approx. 200GB). The sync works fine and makes me happy. But even there is nothing to sync the btsync process employes up to 4% CPU usage. Is there no idle mode?


Important to note:

I changed the default settings as followed

  • "folder_rescan_interval" = 86400 (1 day)
  • "lan_encrypt_data" = false
  • "Search LAN" disabled
  • UPnP-Port mapping disabled
  • no use of relay servers
  • no use of tracking servers
  • use only defined hosts (no search on local network)
  • no search on DHT network


P.S.: Perhaps, this topic should be moved to Sync Troubleshooting

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Actually it should be idle when nothing happens. I can only suggest 2 things:

1. Some other app is constantly touching files - so Sync has to process OS notifications about files that might get changed

2. Due to numerous amount of files if indexes files all the time (@petromycon - not your case as your rescan interval is 1 day).


I can be more precise if you send me debug logs to syncapp@bittorrent.com (refer to this forum topic plz).

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Mmmmm, I followed the instructions in the linked topic and created a debug.txt (containing only FFFF) in the .sync folder of my NAS. BTSYNC user has all rights to read, write and modify this file. However, even hours after restarting the NAS the content of the debug file is not changed. Can you help?

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If btsync binary is simply started - it should store its data in .sync subfolder. However, if it is started with some parameters (for example, with --config) service data folder location might be changed. How do you start btsync? Do other files in .sync subfolder change?

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