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I've used BTSync successfully for a while, but now I seems to have stopped syncing.

It happened around the time of the last version upgrade, but I can't be sure if it was exactly then.


On either PC, if I add new files to the synced directory, I can see in the History tab that the file has been added.


However it never shows up on the other PC.


What could I be doing wrong? Is there some way to debug further?




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First step - check if the peers display each other in the "Devices" tab. If they do not - it looks like some connectivity issue. 

If they do - I suggest checking:

- permissions of the folders you've added

- ability to connect the tracker server (outgoing to port 3000 over TCP and UDP)

- ability to connect to each other (custom port, configured on every machine).


I suggest contacting support team via application feedback form if checking the above does not help.

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