Unable To Add Folder On Seedbox Btsync (1.3.105)


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Hi there,


I'm relatively new to this whole thing, but BTSync was working with my seedbox until recently – I think the latest update has messed it up.


I am now unable to add folders using the webUI by typing as the field is greyed out.




When I attempt to select any folder in the list (and some of these folders do not expand as they should) and make that folder the sync folder, it throws back the following error message "Don't have the permissions to write to the selected folder".




What's going on here and what should I do about it?



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I am having this same problem.  Also in my btsync.conf file it specifies:


    // "directory_root" : "/home/user/files/",


within the "webui" config section.


Just like OP, I cannot set the path through the text box as it is greyed out.  Instructions from my seedbox say:


  • BitTorrent Sync is not designed for multi-user environments, so you can't use its graphical directory selector. You will have to enter directories in the text box like /home/user/files for example.

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Alright, my friend and I found a solution for this.


You have to add each folder that you want for your path like so:


So keep adding folders to the path you need, it seems like its not actually adding the folders but uses the path for the folders that already exists, generate secret and click Add.  All my files under the path I had started populating.  


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