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I have installed bt sync on a laptop And have the app on my phone. The directory when I log into the app is empty although is shows the device active and the laptop shows the data there. Im thinking it's a permissions issue but I can't seem to alter the permissions of the drive. Does this sound like I'm on the right track?

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I have three questions: 

1) what is your phone OS? 

2) You say "the laptop shows the data there". where? Is it in BitTorrent Sync UI or actually on the hard drive in the file manager? 

3) Do you sync the whole disk drive?


Also, logs from the laptop would be needed. Here's instruction. Send it to and please send a link to this forum topic so that they knew where it comes from. 



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Thanks Helen  I have OS7 on iphone 4s and Ipad air - neither are showing contents

.  The UI and the hard drive both show that there is info.  The  UI says it's indexing etc.  I synced a directory in the drive (maybe 150gb).  I gave it a day or so just in case it took time to update but no joy.  I have BT sync installed on another system at home and it workd perfectly.  It just seems the work one is causing trouble.  I changed broadband providers and modem just in case it was that.  The data is on a d link NAS.  I first tried installing BTSync on the NAS but it simply wouldnt work - no idea why.  Then I decided just to map the NAS as a drive, install BT sync on an office laptop and go from there instead

My thinking is that the permissions for the connection between the laptop and the NAS are not sufficient to share out.

I will send the log.  Many thanks for the assistance.

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