[Solved] Btsync 1.3.105: Failed To Parse Folder Config. Error: Lexical Error: Invalid Char In Json Text


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The problem is there. I have checked and I have no such header. I have the same configuration file on both my NAS.

{  "device_name" : "NAME",  "listening_port" : 7777,  "storage_path" : "/c/btsync",  "pid_file" : "/c/btsync/btsync.pid",  "check_for_updates" : true,  "disk_low_priority" : false,  "folder_rescan_interval" : 1500,  "use_upnp" : false,  "log_size" : 10,  "download_limit" : 0,  "upload_limit" : 0,  "webui" :  {    "listen" : "",    "login" : "admin",    "password" : "password"  }}
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This error looks to be bound to the fact that you've got a corrupt sync.conf file (which is stored at http://config.usyncapp.com/sync.conf) - it is also made of JSON format. 1.2 did not require this file to operate, while 1.3 does. Could you please check:


1. If you can download it directly with browser

2. If your PC is configured to use proxy server?

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Sync uses next ports and protocols to function:

  • Discovery of tracker and relay IPs:
    HTTP port 80 to config.usyncapp.com (via DNS name) (http://config.usyncapp.com/sync.config)
  • Connecting to the tracker server for automatic peer discovery:
    TCP and UDP port 3000 to t.usyncapp.com (via direct IP,,,
  • Connecting to relay server to transfer data if direct connection is not possible:
    TCP and UDP port 3000 to r.usyncapp.com (via direct IP,,
  • Direct connection to transfer data:
    TCP and UDP port <configured_by_user> to remote peer
  • Peers discovery in LAN
    Multicast UDP over port 3838
  • Automatic ports mapping over UPnP and NAT-PMP
    UDP multicast to port 1900
    UDP unicast to default gateway port 5351
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