Can No Longer Type Path When Adding New Folder (Linux Web Client)


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In the older versions of the Linux client, users could type the path when adding a folder. This field is now grayed out, users must navigate through the folder structure to reach the target folder. This is not workable, as some users have rights to sub-folders but not the parent folders. The inability to add folders by typing the full path severely limits the utility of BTSync. Please fix.

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I am still able to add a new folder....

I did set the the webui's root folder (I believe this is a new option).



Edit:  I just reread your remark... No, I can't type it. Just browse..  But the option to set the directory_root might still be a solution to your problem. That's why I keep this message posted.



grep -A10 webui /etc/btsync.conf | grep -B10 '}' | sed '/password/d'
  "webui" :  {    "directory_root" : "/var/btsync/",    "listen" : "",    "login" : "admin",  }
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