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I use btsync to sync betwen two NAS Synology (A and B )

beacsue linux is not what I like the most

I install BTSync using SynoCommunity

Everything working, but if I edit file in A

the file will be copied to B but updated file is ovned by (USER) "btsync"

and (USER) "btsync" have permision read&write other users have permision read only :(


how to change it to other users have permision read&write or
the best solution to inheritance permision from folder
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There is no official package by BitTorrent for Synology. I suspect that the package you've got makes a special user "btsync" which has some specific umask it assigns to freshly synced files. I suggest either running btsync from a different user name - or adjusting umask for btsync user.

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