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I'm trying to sync from win7 to win server 2008 R2 but the sync work only from the Win Server 2008 to win7 and not the reverse, like the sync is one way only. A file change in Win7 will not be change in Win server 2008. A file create in Win7 will not be sync in Win server 2008.


I do not get any error message.


The soft was first installed in win7 and then installed on win server 2008.

 Both are using 64 bit OS.

Version 1.3.105 of Bitsync

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After some test, I find out that it will make one way sync when the source file is a full Hard Drive and the destination is a folder. In this case, Bitsync will copy what is Inside the destination folder to the Hard drive and not the reverse!

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my dear, you only sync a folder to a key, not a drive. (unless the drive is a folder like in linux)


So you supposely have one folder sync to a key, another folder (on another device) synced to the same key, and the two servers will discuss and choose which file to transfer over the network.

so you first installed a serveron the W7 (windows 7), then on the S8 (server 2008).

You associated a folder in the W7 to a key, and a folder in the S8 to the same key

Your problem is that, after creating a new file in W7, and waited for 10 min (it can take a while to rescan the files), the file was not transmitted to the S8 ? Meanwhile a file created in S8 is transmitted to W7 ?

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Yes, exatly. Sadly, we can't synchronise a full Hard Drive with Bitsync.

One of the folder Inside the dirve is 200 GB and I notice that sometime the traffic goes done to 0.5% instead of being 99%, but most of the time, after 2 hours and 50 Gb later, the sync is progressing well.

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better not sync the whole hard drive - there might unavailable system files and folders causing sync to stuck and low speed. 


So, you first installed in on WIn7 and then shared the drive to a folder on Win Server, right? Are your PCs connected with a full-access secret? Could you please send debug logs from both PCs recorded at the same time to Put the link to this forum topic so that it is easier to identify what the ticket is about. 

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The link dropped by Helen advises to find logs here:


Windows: %APPDATA%\BitTorrent Sync\sync.log and sync.log.old
Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync/sync.log and sync.log.old
Linux: ./sync/sync.log and sync.log.old


Don't forget to make sure that full debug output is turned on.

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